Stop letting the emotional side-effects of your illness define who you are.


You don’t recognise yourself anymore, you don’t know who you are these days or why you have changed, but the change is evident for everyone to see. You feel and look different and you stand awkwardly in a crowd believing that people can see your shame read your troubles on the label you’ve given yourself.

People Pleasing

Everyday tasks are becoming more difficult to keep on top of since your illness and chores now takes over the good times. You’re preoccupied with ‘acceptance’ of your output and appearance, praise from the boss, pride from your family, and fun from your friends.

Masking the Truth 

You’re too exhausted when you get home after the pressures of work, that once the front door is shut, you take off your cloak of ‘everything is fine’, change into pyjamas and melt onto the couch where you stay for the evening feeling like you can’t trust anyone with the truth.


You feel guilty that you’re not back to your old self as quick as would be comfortable for your friends and you have created a haven of loneliness. Cleaning tasks have taken a back seat and a dull mask has covered the house which suits your mood.


You’re trying harder and harder to fit in and gain acceptance from friends and colleagues, so you’re motivated to work harder to play harder, but as you put in more effort to compensate for the opinion of others you feel more stressed and burnt out.

Now is your time to thrive, to be happy, allow yourself that pleasure and smile while you overcome the self-doubt and build a future with passion.

Imagine, for a moment,
how improved your life would feel if you could have:

Renewed Self Respect

Clear Self-Awareness​​​

Inspired Self-Confidence

Gain strength from your core beliefs and build your future based on who you are now instead of who you feel you ‘should’ be. Redefine who you are and start travelling your own path with passion.

Recognise when you’re overthinking and break the cycle of paranoia. Be aware of your emotions, look beyond superficial perfection to find your true energy, the stuff that bubbles inside and creates an impromptu smile and real happiness.


Increase your ‘can do’ confidence and steer change. Talk about your emotions and be open to opportunities, feel excited by the spark of desire inside you.

Do not allow your illness and grief to define who you are.

You are living proof that life is precious so embrace what you do and be who you want to be.

This is where my coaching can help.

“Hi, I’m Lisa”

I help women who have encountered serious illness transform from Fragile to Fearless.

I have first-hand experience suited to support you through suffering as your transform your mindset and realise your potential.

I help clients learn to put you first, to trust your intuition, to realise your potential and live life with sparkle.

You will feel inspired beyond illness.

You will feel energised to awaken your inner spirit and breathe easy as you unleash the real you.

You can regain your strength and build your life with restored energy, so you flourish beyond what you thought possible.


Revive your passion for live and Thrive on the energy you create.

With my coaching you will receive:

  • 45 minutes of deep emotional understanding each week for 3 months.

  • Unlimited email assistance providing support and encouragement when you need it most.

  • A guiding supportive listener who has your back as you face your struggles.

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