You survived

your illness

What Happens Next?


The initial period of being showered with loving well wishes of support and care has passed, however your illness continues to have a constant presence in your life.


You have become withdrawn over time as your personality and energy levels have changed.


The heartache of what happened is still so raw and you feel unsupported while suffering this pain.

The period of recovery has been your safe place where the is no pressure, no expectation, just rest and recuperation where you felt intense well-being and peace, enjoying the basic things of life like a sunny day and cooling breeze.

The worst is supposedly over but you feel like you have a mountain to climb before you can happily re-engage with the outside world.

You fondly remember your energetic and confident personality, the life you had that has slipped into the past.

Life seems so different these days because the pleasure and happiness you once felt has moved aside, and you now feel bewildered that your health is so different to what it was before. 

Now you’re feeling stressed and exhausted as you feel you must please others to fit in and be accepted at work and at home.

Why hide away when you deserve to live your life, to shine and enjoy yourself?
You feel like you want to start rebuilding your life and you know you need support, but you aren’t sure who you can trust and where to turn.
This is where I come in
You are not defined by your illness.
Discover how to wake up looking forward to the day ahead feeling happier than you have ever been.