Stop Letting Your Illness Define You.


Stop being a shadow of your former self and create the freedom to happily express your deepest feelings enabling you to Revive and Thrive.

Let me give you the support that you ache for to transform you from the suffering of trauma.

You're Overwhelmed

You’re overwhelmed with overcoming illness and you punish yourself for feeling inadequate and emotionally exhausted.

You Feel Incomplete

You feel incomplete and look different, you don’t recognise yourself anymore and you’re unable to imagine the improvement that you crave.

You Avoid The Social Scene

You avoid the social scene as you lost your confidence long ago believing that others can see your troubles.

Your health has deteriorated and your pace of life has slowed down.

The initial period of being showered with well wishes of support and care has passed, friends have moved on yet you can’t get away from the illness which continues to have a constant presence in your life. It’s taken a toll on your body and you have become withdrawn over time as your personality and energy levels have changed.

You’re tired of maintaing a pretence that you’re fine.

There’s distance between you and your friends and family, and now that you are no longer close you feel isolated. You’re simply too exhausted when you get home after the pressures of work, that once the front door is shut, you remove the cloak of ‘everything is fine’, change into pyjamas and melt onto the couch where you stay for the evening.

You survived your illness  :  Claim Your Life Back  :  Revive and Thrive

You’re experiencing highly charged emotions in your experiences, whether it be pleasure, laughter, anger or frustration.

Each time they remind you of pain and cripple you mid stride with their timely surprise.

Ride the swing of your feelings from numbness, hidden anxiety, open view tears to electrically charged anger.

Each emotion is valid and expected to so don’t hide your emotions in shame, own your feelings and encourage their release to clear internal fuzziness and awkwardness. 

This will be the hardest and most insightful process of recovery which will surprise you when unexpected, but which you’ll appreciate as you scale new heights in your freedom and success.

You Don't Need To Wish On Rainbows

The trauma of illness becomes easier to live with as you adapt and become aware of abilities. (I know you won’t necessarily believe me but it really does).

End the struggle of mourning the life you miss and use the time following your recovery as an ideal opportunity to make changes and focus on happy memories.

Enter your second lease of life with enthusiasm and a willingness to thrill your senses. Enjoy the pleasure in the basic things and be open to opportunities. Feel invigorated with a deep connection to your emotions that gives you goose bumps, and an elevated fresh outlook urging you to seek new experiences.

Revive and Thrive

Banish the belief that you are no longer worthy of greatness. 

Unwrapping those beliefs may take some time as they’ve been clouded by illness. You know there is no quick fix but you also now believe that anything is possible.

A successful life is not in the price paid or quantity of possessions but in the person you are. Invest in yourself, unleash self burden, unlearn old habits, learn new behaviour, develop a new way of thinking and create engaging routines that reap unimaginable rewards. You have received the most precious gift of medical science, now take your recovery to the next level and super charge your confidence to live fulfilled.

Regain Your Crown

Some of the world’s most precious treasure is fragile and deserving of great love, care and attention, and that includes you.

Be open to accepting the enforced change and build new boundaries that work for you. Set your goals and make new opportunities, turn to a new page and start a new story with focus on you and your happiness, not someone else.

This is your time to shine with a new approach. Create change and enjoy your ability to excite and welcome the unexpected.

Planning a future based on your terms and boundaries creates that instinctive smile that disappeared for too long. Deciding that you can start again and gain strength from your core beliefs shows your strength.

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